Custom Products

Whip Appeal Boxing Products

are made of premium leather

materials and well constructed.

Many People who have their own

 gym or team, like to know how

could they have our products customized 

according to their team colors  with logo


Step # 1

Inform us exactly the type of product you

require to be customized 

Step #2 

For Example If you require Boxing Gloves

Please inform if you require 

Fitness - Beginner                      8 oz    10 oz  12 oz   14 oz  16 oz

Advanced - Advanced              8 oz    10 oz  12 oz   14 oz  16 oz  

 Elite - Best                                 8 oz    10 oz  12 oz  14 oz  16 oz 

Step #3 

Provide us with your company logo in the 

format you would like it to be shown on the product

Step #4

Inform us the colors you wish the  product to be.

Step #5

After we receive the information you provide us with,

our sketch artist will then provide you with a sketch of the 

products, according to how you instructed 

Step #6

Once our designer shows the sketch of the products

you require, if there are no changes or corrections

needed and you confirm it meets your


Step #7

 We will then quote you a price on what the cost will 

be for the products to be produced.If you approve

of the price, we will wait for confirmation of 

payment received before we can start your order

Normally it takes 4-5 weeks to complete production 

Step #8

We will then Dispatch your products to your address

for delivery by courier with a tracking#

 Our products we offer for boxing customization:

  Boxing Gloves

  Hand  Protectors

  Head guards

  Focus Mitts

  Foul Protectors  and etc.