About Us

Whip Appeal Sportswear is a collection of Sportswear, Sports uniforms and Sport products designed and supplied by Fred Neal

Fred Neal, is a former Professional Boxer, Physical Fitness Trainer,Designer, Business man and Community Activist.

The Concept of creating a collection of Sportswear originated in the year 2006 after Fred final boxing match of his career.

Fred  had already partnered with several  Registered Certified Manufacturers, worldwide, for leather, school and denim clothing, so, it was not as difficult to expand the collection, However, It was a learning on the job experience because not all makers that could produce a leather jacket to its highest quality, did not confirm they could produce leather boxing gloves in high quality.

It was clear to understand why some makers specialize in certain products only.

Fashion creativity was a natural for him since he was young, Fred’s Mother (Martha Neal) use to make his and many of the locals in the area, boxing uniforms, prom dresses as well as  many types of alterations for people.

 Fred always been a sports fan of many different sports, so, that also made it more of interest to get involved.

Fred says, ”It feels good to see when you can make a person smile by a design you created” because that person attitude changes for the good, which makes that person have a better self-esteem about themselves Fred has connected with many people worldwide establishing business relations and friendships.

The objective for Whip Appeal Sports is to continue to keep developing, arranging and establishing new ideas, new creations, new friends and new business worldwide. 

The Words Whip Appeal has the same translation as it says on our Designer wear website www.whipappeal.com. We like to  believe our products will be the Difference Maker.

Our Boxer Symbol (Logo) for our Sportswear brand is a Registered Logo to symbolize Diversity. We do not want people to judge others by what they see, because God did not create this world of different races to be against one another. 

There is only one race that matter most, That is the Human Race. 

Our Company Authorized Representatives are located in different parts of the world and we are happy to have them make themselves available to any and all people of interest in working with our company for distribution of our company products Please feel free to contact them and arrange a conversation by chat,email,phone or face to face METING