Boxing Gloves Lace Up

Boxing Gloves is a surely a speciality where we have some

expertise Since Fred Neal was a former Professional Boxer.

Fred  inform there there are 3 purposes for boxing

gloves to be used.according to the level of a person involvement

1) Boxing Fitness Gloves

Fitness has become a valid reason why people are purchasing boxing gloves

because boxing workout may be one of the best type of physical workouts

where people can get an entire body workout

Purchasing Boxing Gloves for a Male or Female fitness workout requires 10 or 12 oz gloves


These are gloves used to make sure you can be involved in a workout, class or session 

whichever, fit the occasion 

Whip Appeal Boxing gloves for fitness are long lasting and GENUINE LEATHER for a  

Boxing Fitness workout or class If gloves are required    

2) Advanced Boxing Gloves

Advanced Boxing is used for boxers or Fitness Workers who require boxing

Gloves nearly Everyday, bag work, or sparring.

For this Purpose we recommend our Advanced Boxing Gloves, which are of a higher

Quality compared to Fitness Boxing Gloves

The Gloves we recommend would be 14 oz or 16 oz depending on the purpose of use for 

sparring primarily, they are machine made and suits the purpose

3) Elite Boxing Gloves  

Elite Boxing Gloves confirms that a person appreciate quality,meaning, they are a professional 

that requires a custom fit to their hands as close as possible and uses their  gloves consistently. 

For the Elite Gloves it does not represent a specific design to the gloves, 

 "ONLY A SPECIFIC COMFORT TO THE HANDS" every time you place your hands in "Whip Appeal Elite Gloves"

Your Hands will know the difference,whether you ever box before or not   

So, From the Mouth of Yours Truly ,Fred Neal

There are only 3 types of boxing gloves




We Provide each design showing from the images provided or according to your own design  (WHOLESALE)

 Prices  at a Minimum of Quantity  of  10 pairs

Fitness       start  $55 Genuine Leather   10/12 OZ

Advanced  start  $65 Better Grade of Quality Leather/Foam    10-16 oz

Elite            start   $75 Best grade of Quality Money can buy      10-16 oz     (Retail price $150)  

*****Custom Design/Logo  Price Subject to Change*****